About Department

The department of Computer Science & Engineering is established in the year 1997 with an intake of 60 and currently the department has an intake of 120. Major backbone of the department is committed band of faculty members with noticeable experience in academics & research. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories in order to fulfill the hardware & software needs as per the latest trends and technologies. The infrastructure and amenities of the department are at par with the standards. The department constantly organizes workshops/short term training programs/career guidance programs under the banner of X-Statics, the students’ association. The contribution of the faculty members in terms of teaching, research publications and interaction with outside world is noteworthy. Distinguished alumni of the department are serving in top MNCs of the country and also in the state/central public services. Students of the department are constantly involved in up skilling themselves through quality certifications and coding badges in various open source communities of repute.

Vision and Mission


To accomplish recognition in computer science and engineering by producing technical professionals with ethical values


We at the computer science and engineering are committed to provide quality education and state-of-art facility for the students in order to:

·         Impart the programming skills and knowledge of computer science and engineering.

·         Encourage in involving research, innovation and higher studies with ethical values.


PEO1: To impart problem solving skills with the knowledge of mathematics and computer science fundamentals.

PEO2: To motivate to do better in competitive examinations and pursue higher studies.

PEO3: To engage in research and innovation to adapt to the technological changes with ethical values.


PSO1: Fundamental Skills: The ability to investigate and solve real world problems with the knowledge of algorithms, aspects of computer systems, networking and various programming languages.

PSO2: Innovative Skills: The ability to apply standard practices in software development leading to lifelong leaning with ethical values.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining   Nature of Association

1 Dr. Arunkumar R Associate Professor Ph. D. 17/06/2019 Regular

2 Mr. Vijaykumar S Malagitti Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 08/08/2006 Regular

3 Mr. Chandrakant H Assistant Professor M.Tech. 08/08/2011 Regular

4 Mr. Ramesh M.Badiger Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 08/08/2011 Regular

5 Ms Sarala D Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 05/08/2008 Regular

6 Mr. Ningappa T. Pujar Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 29/07/2010 Regular

7 Mr. Adokshaja Kulkarni Assistant Professor M.Tech. 07/02/2012 Regular

8 Mr. Manjunath Y Kammar Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 22/09/2010 Regular

9 Mr. Manjunath K Kandaki Assistant Professor M.Tech. 07/08/2012 Regular

10 Ms. Trupti Kabadi Assistant Professor M.Tech. 05/08/2014 Regular

11 Ms Rekha S Assistant Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D.) 20/01/2017 Regular

12   Mrs. Sujatha Betageri Assistant Professor M.Tech 04/07/2020 Regular


Sl.No.               Faculty/Industry Expertise                                                                                                  Nature of Work

1                  Test Yantra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd                                                                                    Domain Skill Training

2                  Seventh Sense Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd                     (Mr. Naveen & Mr. Purshottam)      Domain Skill Training


Sl. No Name Designation     Qualification

1 Mr. Siddu Rattihallimath             Instructor                 Diploma(Electronics)

2 Mr. Harish Hadapad         Instructor                 B.E(CSE)

3 Mr. Shantappa B. Bevinakatti Instructor Diploma(Electronics)

3 Mr. Sharanappa Godi Attender SSLC

4 Mr. Shekappa. Talavar Attender SSLC


VOICE of the Alumni and College